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Recycling Drop Trailers or Same Day Live Loads

Drop trailers rotated on a will-call basis, same-day live loads, or custom pickups tailored to your needs, including those that can house a multitude of materials.

Miller's Quality Recycling trucks
Miller's Quality Recycling trucks

Recycling Equipment

Bailers, compactors, forklifts, ect. installations and purchases at customer or MQR cost.

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Millier's Quality Recycling Paper recycling


Miller’s Quality Recycling started as a company specializing in waste paper nearly 30 years ago.

Millier's Quality Recycling Plastic recycling


Miller’s Quality Recycling baling, grinding, compounding, and trucking service makes it possible for us to handle almost every type of plastics.

Millier's Quality Recycling Metal recycling


MQR’s baling, grinding, compounding, and trucking service makes it possible for us to handle the recycling of almost every type of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Millier's Quality Recycling electronics recycling


Miller’s Quality Recycling is a recycling company committed to the collection and responsible disposal of e-waste.

Millier's Quality Recycling by products recycling

By Products

Miller’s Quality Recycling can also take care of Unique Waste By Products including Densified Styrofoam.

Millier's Quality Recycling Residential Recycling
You can rely on MQR for safe, reliable, curbside recycling with friendly customer service. Let us handle it from here. 

Residential Recycling Services

Millier's Quality Recycling commercial recycling
Your diligent sorting of materials and our efficient pickup makes recycling effortless for your business needs.

Commercial Recycling Services

Miller's Quality Recycling provides nationwide recycling services.

There is an ever-increasing need to recycle. Our company is experienced in helping serve your recycling needs.

Miller's Quality Recycling Nationwide
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Recycle solutions to help companies save money by diverting waste streams from the landfill.